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Possess reliable electronic goods at affordable price, visit HEERA ELECTRONICS. Heera Electronics, a subsidiary of Heera Group is the creation of Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, who initiates growth in every sphere of life, from education to gold business, from general trading to electronics. In modern world it is essential to keep one's electronics up to date. Heera Electronics presents you all the electronic products you are looking for, further we makes your electronic dream come true. Electronics makes our life much better. Housewives, professionals, businessman, and students can escape the busy life in school and work with the help of electronics. Electronic equipments provide pleasure and amusement. They also help in businesses and households by protecting and securing their offices and homes. Besides entertainment, electronics opens way for communication for our safety and security. Heera Electronics are very handy and allows you to make your task lighter and easier. In modern world, electronic gadgets play a significant role by. Delivering consumers with compact entertainment. Providing unparalleled communication. We offer you service and repair of electronics.


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What We Offer

  • Reasonable price for all goods.
  • Products with warranty.
  • Product compatible with our country's voltage.
  • All branded products.
  • We bring colour and light to your dream home.

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